About Ben

c7DMUVywlqX1rmq_qvA9_rI_tjOXfnV0EpqT0ncM0psI have been a mountain biker since 1994, when I got my first ʻproperʼbike, a Kona Fire Mountain, complete with Project 2 forks and cantilever  brakes. I loved that bike, and loved the way it could make me feel whenever I rode it. 20 years later, and nothing has changed, (except the bike) as riding my bike is my biggest passion along with my van and my wife!

I spent 8 years in the British Army, retiring as a Captain in 2010, when I qualified as a personal trainer. Since becoming a trainer I have developed a real interest in strength and conditioning, and have attended a number of courses, including Olympic weight lifting. In my time as a coach, I have developed my own tried and tested approach to getting results for people, and it is this approach that I will bring to all MTB Strength Factory clients, both online and in person.

By combining my 2 passions for riding mountain bikes and physical training I believe that The Mountain Bike Strength Factory can offer you, the rider, something special and something different to what is out there in the UK at the moment. I want to offer you a complete package for improving your physical abilities on a mountain bike. Throughout 2014 I will be adding online programmes for all different types of rider, whilst starting work
one to one with riders and racers to get them riding as fast as possible for as long as possible. I will also be attending and racing all rounds of the UK Gravity Enduro series where I am also sponsoring 21st place across all categories. If you see me there, then come and say hello.

I am really excited about the MTB Strength Factory and I look forward to meeting you all in the gym, or on the trails some time in the near future.

Stay Strong