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Fat loss for mtb

Head on over to Wideopenmag to read an article that I wrote a while back about fat loss for the mountain biker.  Plain English and plenty of useable info in there……


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Stay Strong




Fat Loss


Mountain Bikers, beer and cake go together like Charlie Sheen, hookers and coke, however too many beers and cream buns and it won’t be long before you start bulging out of your shorts and sweating like a sex offender on the uplift bus.  Excess weight is not your friend on the bike, especially if you happen to be the type of rider who wears a lot of lycra.

Saving weight on your bike has been at the centre of many a marketing campaign for all the mainstream companies, and continues to this day, including in the world of gravity oriented racing as well as XC.  To save 500 grams from your bike it would cost you literally £100’s probably, and whilst when your mate lifts your bike up in the car-park they will be impressed by the svelte and slender weight of your whip, if you are still fat and out of shape you will still get dropped on the climbs anyway.  It fascinates me that you can go into a shop and spend £50 on a bottle cage to save 3 grams on your bike, but so many riders don’t consider spending on skills or strength coaching that will actually make you faster.  Next time you are going to buy a £4000 carbon bike, drop down to the aluminium one, and save a grand.  Then give me £500 to get you strong, flexible and fit and £500 to a good coach (like Pedal Progression) for a long term series of sessions to give you the skills to pay the bills.  You will be faster and leaner and you will have more fun.

Anyway – how to lose the fat…….

At the heart of this is your diet.  This is more important than anything else here as it holds the key to your long term health and longevity.

FACT:  There is no such thing as a healthy fat person.

FACT:  You cannot build performance without health.

Your diet should be as natural as possible, based around vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, poultry, some nuts and seeds and a few other bits and bobs like eggs.  You will need to learn to cook.  You will need to plan meals and prepare packed lunches.  If you are fat then trust me – you don’t need an energy drink to get you around the Blade at Afan.  Water will do just fine and you should drink plenty of it and always filtered as tap water is full of oestrogen, chlorine and all sorts of other stuff we don’t want or need.  Keep it simple and cook from scratch.  Avoid sugar like the plague and eat as many greens as you can fit on your plate.  For a more in depth guide to how to approach nutrition as a rider, check out my Nutrition Guide for only £9.

Assuming your diet is OK, there are a number of training approaches that you can use to help shed the weight.  Rather than prescribing exact workouts, I want to give you an understanding so that you can apply them yourself.  I want to introduce the idea of being in-efficient in order to promote fat-loss…..

If you are a mountain biker then you probably ride bikes all the time, and are therefore rather efficient at it.  Riding further or longer may help, or it may just lead to you getting fatter (trust me on this one!).  You could do some intervals as they are pretty effective, however as you are so well adapted to riding your bike, you are actually quite efficient, making it hard to really burn the fat.

A great option is to start strength training.  This will benefit you as a rider as well as being very effective for fat loss.  Quiet simply, build muscle to burn fat!  If the general population starting using strength training instead of fashionable ‘cardio’ bullshit then they might actually lose some fat when combined with decent nutrition.  FYI: I used to run a very successful London bootcamp based around strength training and intervals to get people to lose fat.

Now, outside if the gym let’s think about a different type of strength training; taking a 30kg sandbag and lifting it up, carrying it 20 metres, putting it down and repeating on the other shoulder.  Unless you are a builder, I would suggest that you are not well adapted to this type of training and therefore it is really in-efficient for you to do.  Doing this for 3 minutes, 5 times would be a pretty awesome fat burning session as well as great training for your core and back.

You basically need to give your body a new shock or training stress that it is not adapted to so that you are in-efficient in the way you carry out the task.  Movements should be whole-body and your heart rate should get pretty high.  Keep durations quite short; 2-5 minutes and recover in between.  Simple drills like get-ups are great for this and can be done anywhere and any time.  Simply stand on the spot, then get down and lay on your front with arms extended, then stand up and repeat onto your back.  Try that for 2 minutes flat out and see how hard it is!  Just remember to warm up first.

On the bike training for fat loss is also possible, especially for those of you who don’t ride much over the dark and wet winter months  and are therefore less adapted to riding all the time.  Doing hill reps, sprints and time trials can all help you to get your fat burning going as long as you are eating right and taking the time to recover properly.  The key is to do something that you are not used to.  Do you do a weekly interval session and still need to lose fat?  If so, then you need to change it up or do something off of the bike instead.  You may want to try doing some fasted riding first thing in the morning before brekky.  It is effective for many people, just watch out for the dreaded bonk and if you do too much then you may start burning up hard-earned muscle and losing power as you lose the fat.

The final part of the puzzle is your wider life.  Stress, sleep, emotions, trauma, work and so on.  Health comes from being happy, content and on top of your stress.  You should sleep at least 7 hours per night and do everything you can to insulate yourself from the stress of modern life that catches so many people out.  Stress is one of the biggest killers in the western world and is disastrous for your health.  If you are chronically stressed then you need to take action, seek help from friends, family or a professional (talking is always better than drugs in my opinion) and make it a priority to reduce your stress.  You need to be comfortable with who you are, and accepting of the present, no matter how out of shape you may feel.  The past does not matter, you just need to look forwards and make sure that above all else – You Love Yourself & Believe You Can Do It.

Stay Strong – Stay Lean