No matter what level you ride or race at, the MTB Strength Factory has a coaching product for you.  From face to face training at the gym in Bristol, to distance coaching anywhere in the UK, by training with MTBSF you are guaranteed to ride faster.

  • Programming


    Ben will programme all of your riding and recovery as well as helping you to properly taper off before events as necessary.  This is available for any rider in the UK and will use a simple online coaching system. You also receive a free copy of the Nutrition Guide and Bodyweight Strength Programme..

    Your programme will be written in 4 week blocks. Every 4 weeks you can have an athlete-initiated phone/skype consultation to review, evaluate and plan your training.

    Bi-weekly athlete-initiated email.

    £52 pcm with £30 initial consultation fee.

    For £72 pcm with £30 initial consultation fee you get the same as above but with weekly phone/Skype contact with Ben to discuss training, progress, goals and racing.  This higher level of attention will help you to race at the highest levels.

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  • Bike Strength

    MTB Strength Factory

    You will come to the MTB Strength Factory gym in Bristol to train regularly with Ben.  These sessions are semi-private, meaning that there will be 1 to 4 people training at once, all working on their own personal training programmes under Ben’s supervision.  Sometimes you will train with other MTB Strength Factory athletes in a fun, friendly and gently competitive environment.  When you start training you will receive more individual attention in order to teach you correct form so that you can make the most gains with minimal risk of injury.

    1 x session per week for £86 pcm
    2 x session per week for £142 pcm

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  • 1-2-1 Coaching

    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.52.08

    This is a coaching session with Ben at the gym.  It tends to be best for people who live further away and can only train monthly or less often.  These sessions will have a specific aim determined by you and Ben together depending on your goals and ability level.  These sessions are also available at other locations but will incur additional costs for fuel.

    1-2-1 Session lasting approx 1 hour for £35

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  • Strength Programming


    This is only available to people who I have trained at least once as I don’t like to write strength programmes for people unless I know they can do the movements with good form.

    Usually you will come for a 1-2-1 Coaching session and then I will write you a 2 session strength programme.  You will alternate the sessions for a period of 3-6 weeks depending on your needs.  Typically you will then return for a follow up session at the gym where I review your training diary and then coach you through your new programme.

    Strength Programme, including mobility and stretching guide, £30

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  • Performance Package

    MB - 0004

    Essentially this is a combination of Bike Strength and Programming.  You will train once or twice per week at MTB Strength Factory in Bristol.  Ben will also write your over-arching programme so that your strength and bike work are fully integrated, making sure that you are working towards your goals.

    Performance with 1 x strength session per week for £134 – no initial consultation fees

    Performance with 2 x strength session per week for £189 – no initial consultation fees

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  • Elite Performance Package - Bespoke

    MTB Endurance

    This is the ultimate training package for riders looking to get world and national level podiums.  It will be created to fit the needs of the rider or team.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange a consultation.

    Please get in touch to find out more.

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  • Testing

    Wattbike for Testing

    This is a complete testing service carried out at MTB Strength Factory with Ben.  You will go through the following assessments:


    Bodyfat skin-fold measurements, giving us your bodyfat %.


    Power testing on Wattbike.  Actual test performed depends on your discipline (DH, XC etc.)

    You will then receive a report detailing your results along with any recommendations for your training.  This may also include heart rate and/or power training zones where appropriate.  Typically this session will take 60-90 minutes depending on the exact tests performed.

    VO2 Max, Lactate testing and other lab tests are also available.  Please email for details.

    Testing Session £79

    Group testing session for mates, clubs or teams:

    • 2 riders – £150
    • 3 riders – £215
    • 4 riders -£285
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