Daily Maintenance – The Baby Squat


Baby Squat

As a mountain biker it is super important to look after your hips and back, so that you can ride comfortably, move around on the bike and get the power down when you need to.  This basic mobility drill is something I have my athletes do every day for a couple of minutes, as well as before training or riding.

It is called the Baby Squat.  It is called that because that is how babies and toddlers sit naturally.  Interestingly it is also how most of the developing world sits as it is how we are meant to rest when not lying down.  I have even seen people sleeping in this position in Iraq and to me at the time it was mental!  Now I understand better though and have worked gradually to a point where I can sit like this for 10 minutes quite comfortably.

Most of you reading this will spend a lot of time in chairs, at the office, driving, reading this or watching the TV.  The problem is that a chair is not a natural position for us and it leaves our hips really tight and unable to move as freely as they should.  This manifests itself on the trail with lower back, hip and sometimes knee pain, so obviously if we want to enjoy riding more, we need to improve our hip mobility.

Watch the video below and try and find a couple of minutes per day to work on it and you will be surprised at the difference on the bike.

The Baby Squat is also part of the warm up drill before each session on The Bodyweight Strength Programme available here.

Stay Strong