Bodyweight Strength Programme

Special offer!!  Free copy of the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded. 

You love to ride mountain bikes and you want to ride faster for longer. Are you ready to do something about it and become a better, faster rider?

With The MTB Strength Factory Bodyweight Programme you get a complete system of workouts that will progress with you as you become stronger, allowing months of variation and progression. You will find that you can ride faster, you will blitz your mates on the climbs and have the strength for the long descents back to the cafe.

Bodyweight training sessions last up to 45 minutes and are designed to make you stronger from head to toe, just using your bodyweight. No weights, no gym membership and no rubbish you don’t need. This is a programme by a mountain biker, for mountain bikers.

The MTB Strength Factory Bodyweight Programme costs just £16. Compare that to a gym membership, or paying a trainer for face to face training and it is an absolute steal. Just think about how much you spend on your bike……..

£16 would probably only buy you a set of new grips, or 3 inner tubes, or maybe some gear cable. So if you could invest £16 to GUARANTEE that you will ride faster then it seems like a no brainer! After all there is no risk as when you buy the Bodyweight Programme you are covered by the MTB Strength Factory Guarantee:

“If, after 6 weeks of using any MTB Strength Factory programme you aren’t riding faster, you get your money back.”

It is pretty simple really……. Invest £16 in yourself now, and you will ride faster within 6 weeks.

When you sign up to the Bodyweight Programme you get everything you need to succeed. You get the warm ups, mobility drills and workouts, and all accompanied by clear photo instructions on how to carry out all of the exercises. We help you to build a programme that suits you and your needs. It can be fitted into your working and riding schedule with ease, complimenting what you already do, and building week on week until you are riding like a beast.

Special New Year offer!!  Free copy of the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded. 

Each week you will get an email to support you and give you tips and guidance as you work your way through the programme. They are designed to motivate and inform you and will help to ensure that you get real results from The Mountain Bike Strength Factory.

What Do You Get?

  • An in depth PDF manual to get you started quickly and safely on the road to faster riding.
  • Photo and video coaching to make sure you work with good form and get great results.
  • Warm up and mobility drills just for mountain bikers.
  • Training sessions designed to test your whole body every time whilst building bike strength.
  • ‘Finishers’ at the end of the training sessions, to develop your cardio fitness.
  • Workout nutrition guide.
  • Support emails and guidance.
  • Instant access once payment is complete.

If you want a programme that grows with you and that is fully supported then sign up today and get training right as soon as it lands in your inbox.

One of the key characteristics of the training is that it will work all of your joints through a full range of motion, increasing flexibility and mobility, especially through the hips and shoulders. This transfers to more fluid movement on the bike, and a smoother flow over rough trails, as well as decreasing the chance of injury through riding or crashing.

It does not matter how strong you are if you are so tight through your hips, back and shoulders that you can barely move on the bike. The best riders are flexible and supple as well as strong and fit, and with this programme, you can be too.

There are many specific benefits to bodyweight training over other types of training for mountain bikers. The most important one for me is the total body awareness that you can develop, sensing where you are in space and being able to precisely control how and where you move. You will become more aware of your muscles working and the way your joints move. This obviously transfers to riding a mountain bike where the difference between cleaning a section or not may be down to hundreds of tiny shifts in your weight and power to get you through.

Another benefit of the programme is that you to train any time and anywhere:

  • Away on business? Just head to the park and crack on.
  • Busy family life? 40 minutes in the back garden is all you need.
  • Hammering with rain? Do it in your front room.

So stop wasting time with lengthy and over complicated workouts that are not even designed for mountain bikers and sign up now!

Special offer!!  Free copy of the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded.