Nutrition Guide

Special offer!!  You can get a free copy of the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded. Just head over to the Bodyweight or Kettlebell pages to get your free download! 

With the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide you will get a simple to follow, plain-English guide designed to get you back in touch with the needs of your body and your sport.  First of all it will take you through a 3-week ‘self-experiment’ where you will learn about how different foods affect your mood, energy and your performance.  Based on this 3-week experiment you will create your own personalised nutrition plan that will give you more energy, quicker recovery and ultimately improved performance.

The Nutrition Guide is only £9 and is sold as a downloadable PDF, supported by a series of emails to help guide you through the process.  It is based on real world experience and extensive research and is written in a manner that is easy to digest and free from jargon.  As well as taking you through your own nutritional experiment, it will give you summaries of each food group along with guidance on how to make informed decisions with what foods to buy and eat.

New for 2017 is a series of daily meal planners for different levels of riders and for different types of training.  These will help you to get your workout nutrition just right so you can make maximum training gains. You will also receive helpful tools like a weekly meal planner and a food diary.  Both of these will assist you in figuring out what to eat and when, so that your food works for you, and not against you.  Too many people eat diets that leave them with low energy, poor skin, and impaired performance on and off the mountain bike.  By following the advice given in this guide you can start on a path to improved health and as a result you will enjoy improved performance and speed on the bike and in training.  Remember that this Nutrition Guide is covered by the MTB Strength Factory guarantee:

“If, after 6 weeks of using any MTB Strength Factory programme you aren’t riding faster, you get your money back.”

It really is that simple and means that you can buy the guide, risk-free!

At the heart of the guide are the MTB Strength Factory ‘Principles of Nutrition.’  These are designed to help you, the rider, to make well informed decisions without overwhelming you with details, science and jargon.
The guide is based on natural foods from good quality sources.  It will ask you to make changes to what you eat and at times it may be tough, however if you did not want to improve yourself then you would not be here in the first place!  You will become less reliant on sugar and caffeine to function day-to-day and will enjoy a diet rich in healthy fats, proteins, carbs and vitamins meaning that you will experience increased energy levels and vitality.  Without health, energy and vitality it is literally impossible to build and increase performance on your bike.

Special offer!!  Free copy of the MTB Strength Factory Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded.