The Gym

The MTB Strength Factory has access to an awesome gym called B Pro Fit located in Ashton, South-West Bristol. It is a great space for training in with all the kit and toys we need to get stronger and faster on the bike. It is not a big globo-gym full of TV screens and machines, but a gym for people who actually want to train and not just pose in front of mirrors.

It has barbells, squat racks, kettlebells, a bodyweight training area and suspension training as well as a large matted area for mobility, movement and floor work. I also keep my Wattbike at the gym for regular testing and training with my riders.  It is a membership gym with a small and dedicated client base and a friendly atmosphere.  When you train with MTB Strength Factory you do not need a membership though so there is no additional expense.

The address is:  13 Brookgate,  South Liberty Lane, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 2UN

Take a tour of the gym to check it out for yourself…