We Are Recruiting Riders!

MTB Strength Factory Racer

As you may have already seen on Facebook or on the website, the MTB Strength Factory will have access to a great training facility from 1st November in SW Bristol.  After a successful spring/summer of coaching athletes for National level racing as well as helping a number of trail riders across the UK, it is time to look ahead to the winter and preparations for the season ahead.

I am currently recruiting trail riders and racers from Bristol and across the UK who want to train with MTB Strength Factory over this winter and beyond.  I can provide face to face or distance training for men and women across all MTB disciplines and across all levels of ability.  The main requirements are that you will love riding your bike, be open minded about training and willing to work hard to achieve your personal goals.

There are a range of coaching packages to suit most people’s needs and wallets and you can find them on the Coaching page of this website.  As well as that I can offer power testing on my Wattbike where we will set up your power and heart rate training zones so you can train at the correct intensity for maximum results.

If you or somebody you know may be interested in working with MTB Strength Factory, then please get in touch and we can arrange a no-obligation chat to discuss how best to work together.  ben@mtbstrengthfactory.com

Stay Strong