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Competition Kettlebells are the best kettlebells that you can buy and offer a number of advantages over cast iron kettlebells.  The primary advantage is that they are a uniform size with uniform handles across all weights.  This means that as you progress, the weights increase but you don’t have to modify your techniques like you would with variable sized kettlebells.

Due to the manufacturing process these also have the smoothest handles, making them easier on the hands then cast iron options.  They also have a broad, flat bottom meaning that they are very stable for floor based training.

Competition Kettlebells all follow a colour coding system for quick identification and these colours are the same in any gym or facility around the world.  8-Pink, 12-Blue, 16-Yellow, 20-Purple, 24-Green, 28-Orange, 32-Red.

We have 3 sets available and all save you money off of buying the same kettlebells individually and you still only pay £9.99 P&P.

8-12-16kg – This is an ideal set for women to get started with kettlebell training.

12-16-20kg – This is ideal for men, or for stronger women with experience of gym or strength training.

16-20-24kg – This set is best for stronger men who have done some sort of gym or strength training.

If in doubt it is best to err on the side of caution and get a lighter set, build your strength gradually and safely and then purchase an additional heavy kettlebell at a later date when you are ready.  Over time you can gradually build your set as you progress, also spreading the cost.

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8 – 12 – 16kg, 12 – 16 – 20kg, 16 – 20 – 24kg