Strong Enough For Single Ring: Upper Body

This is the first in the series of articles to help you get strong enough to ride a single ring setup on your trail bike more efficiently.

The focus here is on a few upper body exercises that can help to improve your posture and strength, leading to increased power through the pedals.  I use a couple of pieces of kit in this video, but you can do it all using just your bodyweight and a horizontal bar around waist height or a little higher.  You can often find these in the park or you can use a bar in the gym.  Once this series is complete, you will have a whole body workout that you can do 1-3 times per week for pure mountain bike domination!

You may also want to do some stretching, and mobility work to help open up the upper back and chest, and we will go over that in a future article.  For now, sit back, watch the video below, and let me know how you get on……

Stay Strong